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What have I done…? April 8, 2006

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I looked at my banking statement today. $128??? WTF?????? I thought I had $900!!!!!! WHERE DID ALL MY MONEY GO?

No wonder. The balance was at low from the beginning. Plus I did purchase $23shirts at A&F last week. GOD DAMN MY SHORT TERM MEMORY. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH I am going to split my debit card, I really am.


THERE(true image not shown).

I am not going to sign up for DEBIT card again. NEVER!!! CREDIT CARD? maybe decades later. I don't believe myself in keeping the savings account high. Ha, J.P. Morgan would smirk at that.

Looking at my $477 savings, at least $1200(300x4classes) should be saved before August, so I can start attend some classes at Ivy Tech fall term(Aug21-Dec16).

My expected incomes are as following:

April: $600

May: $1500

June: $1800

July: $1800

August: $1800

total of $5700 by the Fall of 2006.

-$700 =gas

=still $5000.


=still $1400.

enough to pay all my academic expenses?


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